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Here at Onlinesessions we update this blog regularly with useful information about the latest  recording techniques, tips on working with audio software and a variety of other topics we think you may benefit from. If you’d like to hear our thoughts on a particular topic please request a blog post here. Don’t forget to subscribe to […]
  Vin    20th February 2017
5 Top Tips For Vocal Recording If you’ve read our post on noise reduction you’ll be aware that we believe the most important aspect about making a great clean track comes in the audio capture process. Most of us have a limited number of microphones or a budget to obtain a vocal mic.  The good […]
  MB    4th May 2017
5 Useful Tips For A Great Mix You’ve written your song, EP, Album, all your tracking is complete and you’re now ready for the mix. Congratulations! To record all the instrumentation so that you’re happy with each performance is not an easy task. Hard part done, what next?  Our 5 tips here are by no […]
  MB    2nd April 2017
Volume normalisation and compression by mb@onlinesessions The signal is too low. What should you do? All too often you come across an audio file with a very low signal. Most of us would immediately try and fix this by  using volume normalisation. While this may be a great tool, it’s well worth understanding what the […]
  MB    14th March 2017
Audio Noise Reduction Too much noise in your audio file? Here’s one cool solution! Overview Is there anything more frustrating than a noisy track? It’s pretty annoying and we’ve all been faced with this nuisance at some stage. What can we do to make sure this doesn’t happen to our audio files again? Read on.   I was […]
  MB    8th March 2017
Recording the perfect acoustic guitar Overview It’s a question you hear time and time again from guitarists trying to capture the natural sound of an acoustic or nylon strung guitar. How do I get that natural sound? Where should I point the mics? What is the best mic and should I just make-do and plug […]
  MB    6th March 2017