Hybrid Orchestra

Get your tracks recorded by London’s finest session musicians in a quality and characterful acoustic.
Specifically designed for composers of computer game music, tv and film scores, or library music projects, Hybrid Orchestrafrom onlinesessions is the perfect tool to add elements of real performance to your music.
Where Hybrid Orchestra into it’s element is the recording of otherwise un-programable solo parts, but it’s equally brilliant at adding real life to MIDI mockups – either in place of or alongside software instruments.

How It Works

You can choose either “express” or “standard” delivery. With “express” your tracks are recorded as soon as possible, where as with “standard” your session time becomes pooled between several composers. The quality of the recording will be the same no matter which option you choose.
You will receive multiple stems which you can mix into your project. All channels will be recorded through microphones by Neumann and DPA via a pristine audio chain which includes Neve pre-amps and Prism convertors.
When you receive your files you’ll have a choice of three microphone positions: close, stereo overhead, and ambient microphones.
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Before & After

Flute “Solo”
Flute Section “Staccato”
Trumpet Fanfare
Viola “Spiccato”
Violin Section “Added Leader”